Phone Consultation

Fee: $25

  • 30-minute telephone consult
  • You bring your questions about crime, investigative techniques,¬†police protocol, or other cop matters. We’ll talk for a half-hour about how you can create a realistic scene in your novel.


Manuscript Consultation

Fee: $100

  • Submit up to 15-pages of manuscript
  • After I’ve had a chance to read your draft, we’ll schedule a 45-minute telephone consult where I provide you with detailed feedback on how well you have captured the police experience.

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¬†It’s often the little things. The nuances that make or break a scene, or the believability of a character’s actions.

That was my problem – I had a character that was receiving the worst news possible from an officer at her door. The worst a mother could hear. And I pulled from my own feelings as a mother – but I had no way to know what I really would feel in such a situation, what *real* mothers do and say. Sgt. Nicodemus’ first hand experiences helped me craft the scene to fit in with both reality and the emotional experience I was trying for.

Thanks for that insider view!

~ Linda N., Idaho



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