My name is Sgt. Anne Nicodemus, but you can call me Nic. I’m a law enforcement officer with 26+ years of experience. I began my career in the early 1990s, just as crack was taking hold of our streets. Stationed in a low-income DC suburb as a rookie, I saw my share of major crimes.

Over the years, I worked patrol and robbery suppression. I was part of the jump out squad – an initiative that collaborated with the DEA and other local jurisdictions to fight against violence stemming from drugs. I went on to work with community policing and as a school resource officer. I eventually became a detective in the major crimes unit. I spent time in Internal Affairs before returning to major crimes as a supervisor.

After I retired from my first agency, I moved on to working with Intelligence Investigations overseeing crime and corruption in state prisons. My specialty remains sexual assault investigations, but I have conducted many death investigations and even some financial crimes.

I live in Maryland with my wife in our “empty nest”, along with our dog and 2 cats.


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